The Greens of Augusta: How the Masters Came to Be


The Masters Golf Tournament is mostly known to the people with the name of The Masters. It has been recognized as one the major four tournaments of Golf. Augusta National Golf Designers called Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones have started this tournament. Bobby Jones has also worked with the Alison MacKenzie to design one of the most difficult courses in the world. Design of the course has come out of the mind of Bobby Jones. He has a dream to build the course after retirement. The Augusta Golf Course has been introduced to the public for the first time in 1933.

Invitation tournament has started from the year 1934 in the Augusta Golf Course. In the inaugural tournament, Horton Smith has been declared as the winner. Due to format of the tournament, it has become possible to place the ball in the holes between 10 and 18 within the first nine. However, for the second nine, holes between 1 and 9 have been targeted. From the second year of the tournament, the format has been changed. Reversal of the inaugural format has been observed. The tournament is played in same format till date.

Remarkable feat has been achieved by Gene Sarazen in 1935. Gene has managed to hit the double from fairway. It has been done with a sinking shot. Parity with the 5 15th-hole has been retained in the process. In the end, Gene has won the tournament through a playoff of 36-hole against Craig Wood. In the year 1939, name of the tournament has been changed from Augusta National Invitation Tournament to The Masters. However, the tournament has not been arranged between 1943 and 1945 due to Second World War. During this time, cattle have been raised on the same ground.

Glory of The Masters has been brought back once again with Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player in 1960s and 1970s. They are considered as the key players of the game. In the span of 20 years, they have won the tournament for more than 11 times.

In the history of The Masters, Lee Elders has been considered as the first black player to play the tournament in the year 1975.

Non-American Golfers have taken the center stage in the tournament for 11 times from 1980 to 2000. It can be considered as one of the longest strings of win by non-American in a principal golf American tournament. Jack Nicklaus is also the oldest players to win The Masters at the age of 46 for the 6th time.

In mere twelve shots, Tiger Woods has won The Masters at the age of 21 in 1997. Standing score record has been broken by the golfer in addition to youngest player to claim the title in The Masters.

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Course has been adjusted for several times over the years. It has been measured at 6925 yards from the tee to the pin of each hole. However, the course has been made 7270 yards in 2002 and 7445 yards from the 2006. However, the course has remained challenging for the players still now.

How the Concept of Artificial Food Originated

Replica Food

Mention of artificial food has been seen from the period of Pharaohs in Egypt. In order to give respect to the pharaohs, mummification of dead body has been done. Every necessary belonging of pharaohs including food has been retained within the mummy to make the transition from the earth to heaven safe and secure.

Due to techniques of preservation, artificial foods have been kept within the mummy for an extended amount of time. By taking concept of the pharaohs, birth of artificial display food has been observed in Japan. It is generally created with the resins and plastic in order to create an impression of real food. Diverse use of the display food has helped it to acquire different names such as food replica, wax food, fake food, imitation food and false food.

Beginning of Artificial Food in Japan

At the end of the Second World War, Japan succumbed to the joint forces of England and European nation such as France and America. Therefore, Japan surrendered completely in front of rival forces. In order to rebuild Japan from the debris of World War II, both the Europeans and Americans visited Japan. It was not possible for the foreigners to read the menu in Japanese. Therefore, Japanese artists created the artificial food to make the foreigner understand about the elements of food. By looking at the fake food display, it became easy for the foreigner to order food. Due to appealing look of the food, demand of the item increased in a limited amount of time quite easily.

The idea is developed in the creative minds of the Japanese candle maker and artisan. In the 1980, use of paraffin has been observed for the artificial display food. However, paraffin cannot be used with the prop food due to its susceptibility to sunlight and heat. Therefore, makers of artificial foods have made a quick switch to vinyl chloride to ensure a lifelong appeal.

Arrival of Artificial Food in Europe

Through the craftsmanship of Japanese artisan, artificial display food has been raised to the form of art. First exhibition of artificial food has been held in Victoria and Albert Hall in the year 1980. Due to popularity of artificial food, competitions are arranged every year. Food dishes of fake nature are made on the occasion. It is often called “Sampuru” as it has been taken from the English world “Sample”.

Due to lucrative nature of the business, secrets of making artificial foods are not revealed till now to common people. However, discovery of the artificial display food has been slowly done in foreign shores recently.

Modern use

Entire range of menu can be created with the artificial display food. It can be considered as a billion dollar business. By going though the restaurant in Japan, you can easily locate the counter of display food. Manufacturers are also exporting these items to overseas. Therefore, demand of the fake food can certainly increase in future.

In addition to the restaurant, it can be used as a prop for films and television commercial quite effectively.